“Our main goal and commitment is our client’s satisfaction, providing high quality service, embracing a philosophy which allows us to extend our business on a large scale and leave a positive impact in the market”

Moves to and from any part of the world

We handle all aspects of the moving process. Starting with packing your personal effects at origin, transportation, customs brokerage and dispatch. We ourselves are freight forwarders so you don’t have to worry about the air/sea freight. At destination, the delivery, unpacking and debris removal is included. Equixpress C.A. Does it all for you.

Personal Effects and Industrial Packing

We provide the highest quality materials for packing and wrapping. Carton Boxes are specialized for multiple uses such as: books, linen, chinaware, and vertical wardrobe boxes so that your clothing remains hanged during transit.

Items are wrapped according to their fragility with white paper, bubble wrap, corrugated fiberboard, and Kraft paper.

Special crates, boxes and pallet Manufacturing

Some delicate items require special crating for their handling and transportation (for example: marble/glass table tops, sculptures, paintings, TVs). Equixpress personally customizes each crate accordingly, taking into consideration the measurements of the item and thickness required.

Our company is certified under the NIMF15/ISPM15 regulation. This certification allows us to manufacture and export heat treated wooden packaging which meets all of the necessary requirements and regulations.

All boxes, pallets and crates are properly laminated with polyethylene, adding silica-gel (desiccant) if needed. Once the box is closed and sealed we secure it with plastic or metal strips and identify it with labels and marks on the outside perimeter.


Our warehouse with its 1.200 square meter construction surface provides all of the facilities and materials required for storage and packing.

Equixpress C.A. also has its own in house carpentry department fully equipped with tools and machinery needed to create the specialized boxes and crates.


During international transport, your shipment is exposed to various risks (both at origin and destination) and some damages may occur which are beyond our control. Therefore Equixpress C.A. offers national and international all risk insurance policies.


We also provide all the operations and logistics for hoisting, crane, lift truck and heavy/bulk items handling (pool tables, safe, pianos)


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