¿How it works?

Our main goal is to ease our client’s worries and concerns as only we can. Just leave everything to us.

STEP 1: Select and classify which items you will ship, which items are staying and which are being disposed of. To do so,  take inventory of all items involved in the move, including items in the garage, garden, backyard, etc.

STEP 2: Contact Equixpress. We will schedule an appointment with you and our surveyor. This person will visit you and evaluate the estimated volume of your move.

STEP 3: Coordinate with our surveyor the date you want the service to start. Inform when you will be traveling to your final-destination and when would you like to receive your belongings. Considering the transit time we will make sure to take all the necessary steps in order to satisfy your needs.

STEP 4: Our service is “Door to Door”. We choose the best destination agent based on their customer service, quality, career path and pricing. The destination agent will take care of you and your move, he/she will handle all the documents, customs clearance, transportation and unpacking at your residence.


Prohibited Items:

Prohibited items may change according to each country’s regulations, but for exporting through Venezuelan Customs regulations the following items are prohibited:

Firearms or weapons, ammunitions, food, plants, pornographic material, fireworks, medicines, drugs, jewelry, precious gems, irreplaceable documents such as: passports, visas, birth/marriage certificates, etc.

Customs Regulations and Migratory Status at the Country of Destination:

Not having the proper documentation mandated to import your belongings may cause issues and delays at the destination airport/port.

Import customs regulations are tied directly to your migratory status, type of visa, etc. It is fundamental to keep in mind that some countries require special documentation and processes at the corresponding Consulate. Before you travel permanently, we strongly recommend verifying if this is applicable to your case.

Customs Inspection at La Guaira Port and Caracas Airport:

All moves are subject to official Customs proceedings (Inspections, exploration, etc.)

It is mandatory that the client (shipper) or representative is present at the moment of the inspection.

Venezuelan Import Customs Regulations

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